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Art for the Babygrow Appeal

The Deepbridge Chester Arts Fair was delighted to introduce CAF100 to the Fair in 2017; 100 pieces of artwork, many worth hundreds sold for £100 or less with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity.

Below is a list of the artworks which were kindly donated by the CAF17 artists. Whilst many of course did sell at the Fair, a few are still in the possession of The Countess Charity. Get in touch by emailing to see what is still available.

CAF100 Artwork

Chester Arts Fair babygrow png

James Buttifant

But I'm Not Tired, £95.00
Chester Arts Fair, CAF100 James Buttifant

Philip Gerrard

The Old Door, £100.00 (RRP £500.00)
Chester Arts Fair, Philip Gerrard THE OLD DOOR watercolour

Julia Borodina

From Llyn Idwal to Ogwen Valley, £55.00
Chester Arts Fair Julia Borodina Veiw from Llyn Idwal towards Ogwen Valley ink and pastel drawing on brown paper 30 x 41cm £55

Emma Wilson

Purple Peacock, £70.00
Chester Arts Fair, emma Wilson, Purple Peacock

Peter Aitchison

Venice Blue, £55.00
Chester Arts Fair, Peter Aitchison, Venice Blue

Colin Woolf

Amazing Grace, Barn Own. £95.00
Chester Arts Fair, Colin Woolf, Amazing Grace Barn Owl

Andy Jouan

Cherry Blossom, £80.00
Chester Arts Fair, Andy Jouan, Cherry Blossom

Nagihan Seymour

Stars on the Sky, £80.00
Chester Arts Fair, Nagihan Seymour-Stars on the sky-1

Paul Stone

Mixed Peppers & Mangetout, £100.00
Chester Arts Fair, Paul Stone Mixed Pepper and Mangetout study

Martín Raskovsky

Weaved Woods ll, £100 (RRP £400)
Chester arts Fair Martin Raskovsky Weaved Woods ll

Kim Youdan

Okavango, £58
Chester Arts Fair, Kim youdan Okavango 58

Jane Vaux

Mother Love, £95
Chester Arts Fair, Jane Vaux Mother Love 95

Kimberly Chard

Hummingbird, £50.00
Chester arts Fair, Kimberly chard, Hummingbird

Peter Aitchison

Grand Central, £55

Dermod Ruddock

The Italian Villa, Corfu. £90 (RRP £180)
Chester Arts Fair, Dermod Ruddock Art 100 the Italian Villa doukades Corfu 90

Lou Flood

Beauty, £75
Chester Arts Fair, Lou Flood Beauty 15cm x 15cm

Christine Pike

Gilded Greyhound, £60
Chester Arts Fair, Christine Pike, GildedGreyhound

Peter Aitchison

Jaipur Elephant, £55
Chester Arts Fair, Peter Aitchison, Jaipur Elephant

Heidi Farrar

Soul Searching,
Chester Arts Fair, Heidi Farrar, Soul Searching

Alasdair Lockie

Neuschwanstein Castle, £20
Chester Arts Fair, Alasdair Lockie, Neuschwanstein Castle

Daphne Hughes

Chester Arts Fair Daphne Hughes Art100

Anne Sudworth

The Snow Tree, £100
Chester Arts Fair, Anne Sudworth, thesnowtree1

Louise Morgan

Ltd. Edition Print, £65

Kieran Ingram

Forest Shrine, £80

Sarah Hill

High Seas, £95.00
Chester Arts Fair, Sarah Hill, High Seas

Ian Marlow

Spectra 028, £100 (RRP £285)

Mark Halsey

Mother Earth, £100
Chester Arts Fair Mark Halsey Mother EArth 100

Art by Mandy UK

Dripping mini Cooper (RRP £233)
Chester Arts Fair Mandy Ahlfors CAF100 Dripping Mini Cooper fine Art Print 233

Ruth Kidd

Stormy Sea, £100 (RRP £150)
Chester Arts Fair, Ruth Kidd Clayton Gray stormy sea

Maggie Hilditch

Landscape IV £100 (RRP £150)
Chester Arts Fair, Maggie Hilditch

Stuart Gray

On the Tops, £100 (RRP £190)
Chester Arts Fair, Stuart Gray, CAF100

Alice Norrie

Floating Linearity 1/2, £65.00 (RRP £100)

Minika S.K

Serenity, £95 (RRP £470)
Chester Arts Fair, Minika

Isabela Castelan

Loreley, £65.00 (RRP £80.00)
Isabela Catelan, LORELEY - Giclee print 21x30cm 2016

Ekside Studio

Sea Pinks Ravenglass, £100 (RRP £150)

Angela Scott

Sychnant, £100 (RRP £200)
Chester Arts Fair, Angela Scott Paintigns, Sychant CAF10

Keni Kennedy

Cocktails Next, £100 (RRP £495)
Chester Arts Fair, Keni Kennedy, COCKTAILS NEXT, IN THE BRAZ sm

Emily Faludy

Embankment in the Watery Half Light, £90 (RRP 390)

Barry Davies Sculptor

Bronze Snail Shell Ltd edition, £100 (RRP £350)

Kate Chesters

Snowstorm: Fading Winter Light £25

Charlotte Black

Chatsworth (detail 1) £40

Freya Ryder

Manchester in Passing £45 with frame

Mandy Cleveland

Red Wasp Moth £100 (RRP £145)
Chester Arts Fair, CAF100 Red Wasp Moth small

Madder Lake Deep

Party Animal, £99
Madder Lake Deep, Chester Arts Fair, CAF 100, Party Animal 2

Daphne Hughes

Mixed Media Abstract £75
Chester Arts Fair, Daphne Hughes, Mixed Media 2

Tianyin Wang

Charcoal on Paper £95
Chester Arstn Fair, Tianyin Wang, Charcoal on Paper.jpg 2

Leon Leijdekkers

Jetty (Framed) £95 (RRP £344)
Chester Arts Fair Leon Leijdekkers Jetty

Susan Williams

Blue Path on Conwy Mountain £30
2Chester Arts Fair, CAF100, Susan Williams Blue Path on Conwy Mountain

Olga Bolkisieva

Ghost Town, £100 (RRP £200)

Chester Art Centre

By Bryn Sutcliffe

Lyra Brayshaw

Princess Diana

Liz Macdonald

Ltd Edition Print, £100 (RRP £195)
Liz Macdonald, Chester arts Fair, Ltd Edition hand finished print

Frank Mosley

Verghia, Corsica (framed) £65
Chester Arts Fair, Frank Mosley, Verghia, Corsica

Artist |

cHESTER aRTS fAIR, caf100 images coming soon

Artist |

cHESTER aRTS fAIR, caf100 images coming soon

Artist |

cHESTER aRTS fAIR, caf100 images coming soon

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