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Deepbridge Capital is delighted to be sponsoring the Deepbridge Chester Arts Fair 2017

As investment managers specialising in tax-efficient investments, in growing UK businesses, we appreciate the creativity and innovation that is needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. 

These features are, of course, also required to be a successful or appreciated artist.  This synergy is why my colleagues and I enjoy supporting The Arts. 

Both, having a great idea for a commercial venture and having the vision for a work of art require endeavour and support, in order for goals to be achieved and ideas to become reality.  Whether investing in growing technology companies, supporting early-stage drug development, developing bespoke investment propositions or sponsoring the Deepbridge Chester Arts Fair, we are committed to supporting creativity and innovation.


We hope you enjoy the event.

Yours faithfully,


Ian Warwick
Managing Partner

Deepbridge Capital LLP





About Deepbridge

Deepbridge is a different kind of investment manager. With over 200 years of combined experience of investing in growing businesses; we work with our clients to design innovative products, including direct investment in innovative technology growth companies, seed investments in life sciences and asset-backed renewable energy projects.

Deepbridge partners with experienced management teams to help the underlying investee companies realise their potential with the target of building successful leading-edge businesses. We operate across four principle divisions: disruptive technology, life sciences, renewable energy and sustainable technologies. What we do is underpinned by our knowledge and past experience in the divisions in which we operate and a culture of professional excellence and integrity.