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Chester Arts Fair Daphne Hughes Abstract painting

Bigger and Bolder Textured Abstracts

Named ‘Contemporary Artist of the Year’ by Aspire Magazine in 2015, Daphne Hughes has been practicing art for over 10 years, attending exhibitions all over the country with her collections of large, textured statement pieces. The next stop? Chester Arts Fair 2017.

Daphne was inspired to paint by the likes of Kiefer, Richter, Shultz and Tapies, developing her passion for the subject and experimenting with different surfaces and textures to create large, statement paintings through mark making. Daphne says, “My paintings are a translation from incidental observations, exploring the use of unconventional mediums, to create the essence of a subject.”

“Abstraction through process is an exciting form of painting, requiring time between layers, until there is triumph.”

Daphne’s paintings connect with audiences by creating a tactile response, intrigued by deep textures and unusual surfaces. Her paintings are created using exciting diverse elements and mediums, forming  three  dimensional work to create depth and atmosphere, generating her own visual vocabulary. Layer after layer mediums interact, enhancing areas of interest while mediums are active on the pallet. Unlike other abstract paintings, Daphne uses macro photography to enhance the subject and decipher into sensory elements. This unique process reveals hidden and often unintentional beauty to be translated with abstraction.

Daphne also has a strong interest in photography, capturing objects of abandonment, ranging from Rail yards in Cuba and reclamation yards, to unusual artifacts. Working independently, Daphne’s workshop is filled with music whilst she works to create energy in the room. Armed with an amalgamation of mediums and an array of brushes & tools, the painting process commences.

We look forward to presenting Daphne’s collection of large, textured paintings at Chester Arts Fair later this year alongside over 100 other UK & International artists at Chester Racecourse. See Daphne’s full profile HERE >>

To view Daphne’s full profile, follow this LINK. Tickets can be purchased prior to the Fair via out tickets page. If you would like to get in touch with the Fair you can do so either my email or by calling 01244 952020.

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