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A.J. Miracle of Colours

"In my creative journey so far I have been mentored by an associate professor and lecturer at 'University of Klaipeda' in Lithuania, Irma Lescinskaite. I paint abstract oil paintings, and create sculptural models. My influences range from surrealism to abstract expressionism and other movements, but mostly my inspiration comes from personal experiences related to my travels, nature, and symbology. In the year of 2015 – 2016 my work has been presented in London's 'Old Truman's Brewery', Leicester Square and Saatchi Gallery.

My work is also exhibited regularly in galleries in Lithuania and are on sale in commercial European galleries as well. My new collection will be presented in the coming year of 2016 - 2017. I have initiated a project called 'Nida Art - 7 Days'. With the help of my colleague and a fellow artist Evaldas Semetulskis we have created a space in a shape of a dome for resident artists from around the world to create and exhibit their work. The Dome is set in a charming UNESCO protected site in Lithuania, Nida. This is one of the most beautiful nature retreats in Lithuania. The Dome is set on a seacoast where artists can share their ideas, works, inspire and be inspired.

My goal is to continue to participate and develop an artistic community in Lithuania and artistic activities abroad. The funds I receive not only allow me to create a richer experience for artists, but also those in need, children in children's homes and animal shelters. Every year I take part in the 'Lion's Project' charity event and give away my paintings as a way of raising money for children's homes. Recently I have also started creating sculptures and jewelry designs. The first showcase of these will be exhibited in my new collections: A.J. Sculpture and A.J. Jewelry. Ideally, I would like to continue to expand opportunities to collaborate and exhibit worldwide.I'm happy to have received offers to participate in exhibitions in Dubai, USA and Italy With Love - Arturas Jonikas."