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Cathy Read Art

Originally a qualified Occupational Therapist, Cathy started her art career in 2008. Self taught, her earlier paintings were predominantly circle based abstracts and then developed into urban landscapes fuelled by a lifelong interest in buildings. This evolution was only natural following a childhood dominated by the giant mills of the Cotton industry in the North.

Cathy’s distinctive paintings depict the geometric shapes and inherent patterns of architecture in a free, expressive style and the colour keeps drawing your eyes. The inspiration for the paintings that your eyes feast upon comes from time spent in London and other major cities, such as Manchester and Oxford.

Cathy’s artwork is shown around the UK and Europe, and further afield, such as Canada. Commissioned by Oxford University Press her work illustrates the 2016 Oxford Almanack. Cathy S R Read is a member of the Society of Women Artists exhibiting with them and the Royal Watercolour Society in London. In 2015, she won the Barbara Tate Memorial Award by the SWA.




T:    07818 240 116