Brendon McCullum Rugby Mascot Whippet Style Ashes Bowled


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Cricket and Other Animals

I am a sports portrait artist living in Cheshire, England, who loves drawing sports scenes involving movement . I sold my first professional drawing in May 2014, since then the demand for my cricket & sports drawings have increased dramatically, becoming collectibles.  

I am now a professional artist working from my home studio. I opened my website shop in September 2014 in order to sell my original drawings, in June last year I purchased a fine art giclee printer in order to produce my own limited edition prints. I have a steady demand for commissions, both sports drawings & portraits, my original drawings sell quickly, usually within 24 hours.

I draw in charcoal and pastel both of which blend well to capture movement and grace.  Recently I began drawing in graphite in order to improve my sketching skills, I fell in love with the medium for its lightness, now using it regularly in sketches.