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Julie Reid

‘A sensitivity to surroundings, detail and place.’

Both the inherent regularity of nature and the irregularity imposed upon it by human impact informs my work.
I cannot express enough the importance of ‘Looking’ ; truly seeing the world around us and mentally or physically noting the observation in some representation of a connection with it. I choose drawing, an essential part of my nature, as a way of describing how I see the world.

I see the role of an artist to be a human lens, panning in and out, exploring the expanse and minutiae of our environment to, metaphorically, give back to others.

Seeing a landscape in a small rock or a Fibonacci Spiral in a seed head and developing it into something large or condensing a vast landscape into a 10 x 10 cm work comes from the same place. Hence I wish the impact of my work to be multi dimensional to the viewer. Seen as a representation of a landscape from on a distance but on approach noting the detail of the many materials used; text from poetry, found and handmade papers and fragments or found objects from the land. Each piece becoming not only a metaphor of the importance of observation but also a fragment of the land, emotion or thought.

Every piece begins with a sketchbook drawing and essentially ‘Drawing’ is what it continues to be about whichever medium I choose; collage, printmaking - or a mixture of the two – to develop the idea and set in motion a sense of renewal and continuation.

The serendipity of a torn piece of paper or tree bark corresponding exactly to a mark made in a drawing is as precious to me as noticing how rocks or pebbles have grouped together on a beach or mountain or the historic or man-made line within the landscape.



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