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Pauline S Jordan

Pauline's work is primarily the result of a love for experimentation and passion for colour and texture, both visual and tactile, drawing inspiration from life experience, memories, things seen, heard or read, an emotional reaction to a piece of music or poem, or simply a particular combination of beautiful colours.

The versatility of Acrylic paints and mediums are well suited to an experimental and instinctive way of working, drying quickly between the multiple layers of paint. Found materials and objects from the beach, countryside, and around the home, various types of paper and fabrics, all are valid material in her creative pursuit. The possibilities are endless and always exciting. The process tends to naturally lean all creations more towards abstraction.

For Pauline, every painting is a personal journey of exploration and reflection, with the ultimate aim to draw the viewer in to explore by sight and touch, taking them on their own journey of discovery.



E: pjordan465@gmail.com