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Tina Davies

At the age of 19 I trained as a potter in the Lake District and subsequently worked in a pottery in Antigua, the Caribbean.

I then continued my studies in Art and Design and finally completed a Ceramics degree in Cardiff, Wales. I then helped to create and run an art gallery in Brighton for four years where I curated exhibitions for the Applied Arts

In 2001 my career began as a full time painter and eventually I also found my way back to clay again. I love nature and am a passionate gardener which comes through in my work.

The core of my work comes from freedom. I am inspired by the synergy of nature, the play of energies in the process of creation. I work from the heart wishing to achieve 'no mind'. I am passionate to create and often move around diverse materials, oils, ink, clay, therefore forming no patterns, no rules. I paint with my hands creating a closer relationship to the subject and medium allowing myself to flow with the experience of the process itself.