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Val Kosh

Val Kosh is a Cheshire artist. Born in Staffordshire, she studied fine art at Stoke-on-Trent School, Art and Trent Park College, Middlesex University. She gained a Master of Art Education from Liverpool University. She worked in the Fine Art Department of The University of Chester where she taught on a number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Val left teaching to paint in Itay where she lived for a numbr of years. Here the beautiful and vast Italian landscape became the inspiration for her painting. She returned to the UK to live in Cheshire and is finding renewed inspiration from the British landscape and the big Cheshire skies..

The latest body of work is inspired by the Sandstone Trail, which runs via mooreland and woodland, hedgerows and heathlands, along the sandstone ridges of Cheshire. Much of the Trail is elevated and offers spectacular views right across the Cheshire plain and to the Mersey and Liverpool.  Rather than making representational images Val attempts to capture something of the atmosphere and experience of being in this inspiring landscape.  She hopes that her paintings leave room for viewers to find their own meaning through a personal interpretation.

Throughout her career Val has continued to make her own work.    Having exhibited widely both nationally and internationally in Europe, the USA and Hong Kong her works are held in many private collections.