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Vesna Milinkovic-Cotter

I tend toward expressive, gestural mark-making that affords the greatest freedom, experimentation and innovation within abstract painting. I am interested in the existential and the metaphysical, which finds expression in my work. Calligraphic overtones point to the oriental arts and zen philosophy, while the raw aspects reflect my love of the anarchic within graffiti.

Textural layering is an important part of the process, while simultaneously considering composition from a geometric stance. Texture varies from watermark and print impression, to neurotic scribble, fragmenting paint and the hammer of obliteration. I aim for tension between fluidity and structure, the transcendent and the profane, mirroring the push-pull of ordinary existence. Spontaneity and the element of chance are critical to my practice, allowing for bold leaps in aesthetic direction.

Vesna Milinkovic-Cotter is a British artist, selling work in the UK and USA. Previous shows include the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.


W:     milinkovic.co
T:      07786 198775