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Chester Arts Fair Dr Martin Raskovsky

“Is it a painting or a photograph?”

Since early childhood, Dr Martín Raskovsky’s love of photography has driven his creative urges. Embarking on a self-taught, photography journey, his artistic style has progressed swiftly, now incorporating digital manipulation to evoke a poetic and intriguing response from buyers and critics.   

Martín’s work is characterised by dreamlike, otherworldly natural landscapes. His images are fantasy-like with a hint of realism and often conjures the ultimate question by observers, “is it a painting or a photograph?”

From the early days where he worked from a darkroom built in the bathroom of his parent’s home, photography has always been in Martín’s heart. His work has always followed a similar suit characterised by imagination, surrealism and impressionism, often mistaken for paintings due to their expressive nature. Martín’s camera is ultimately the paintbrush which captures his subconscious thoughts.

Throughout his art career, Martín has participated in various online competitions and received critical acclaim from Christopher Rosewood, member of the International Confederation of Art Critics;

Dr. Raskovsky’s creative genius is in fact an outstanding innovation to photographic art. Dr. Raskovsky’s rich imagination is able to relieve the viewer from the dominant and accepted norms of photographic art and, as a consequence, he opens our minds. Dr. Raskovsky is an exceptionally talented artist and photographer, with a forceful drive that erupts through all of his creations. This artist radiates beauty and has been gifted with the ability to translate emotions through a unique language of expressive art.”

A computer scientist by profession with a First Class Honours and Philosophy Doctorate (ph.D.) in Computing Science, Martín first presented his work to the public in 2016 with his debut in the Brick Lane Gallery London. Since then, he has received a surge in exposure resulting in numerous exhibitions including being selected for the London Art Biennale 2017.

Martín has shown his work in various Solo Exhibitions, Art Fairs and Open Exhibitions in London and Bristol and we look forward to welcoming him to Chester Arts Fair later this year. The Fair opens on Friday 17th November for the Preview Evening, continuing throughout the weekend between 10:30 and 5:00 Saturday and Sunday. Please visit our Ticket page and Visitor Information for more information.

For all enquiries please call 01244 952020 or email info@blackmango.co.uk

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