Andy Dobbie - Chester Arts Fair

Andy Dobbie

Live Portrait Demonstration – Sunday 11.30am

Pablo Picasso is quoted as saying; “There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterwards, you can remove all traces of reality.”

My more recent paintings tend to be somewhat abstracted in style, however, they are always based on direct observation from life. Given my fascination with the human face and form, I make drawing and painting portraits from life a regular part of my studio practice.

As part of CAF18, I will enjoy the opportunity to conduct a live portrait demo.

Whilst I can’t be sure how lifelike the finished portrait will be, hopefully, the demo will provide a bit of an insight into my process and if we can find a willing volunteer/victim to sit reasonably still for an hour or two, then they will be welcome to keep the finished drawing afterwards (if they want it!)

Andy’s Profile: click here
Chester Arts Fair _ Andy Dobbie_ The Sculpture Garden

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