Mark Wigan – Chester Arts Fair

Mark Wigan

Live Art Demonstration

This demonstration by Cestrian artist Mark Wigan Williams titled Social and Cultural Signposts will be characterised by a move to abstraction, employing playful, intriguing and free flowing mark making.

The artist integrates weightless schematic figures, totemic forms and biomorphic images to create a kaleidoscopic interplay.

Through the manipulation of lines, mass and space this demonstration will explore the relationship between mark making, dance and music. The artwork ignites a primal resonance for the viewer, evoking a magical symbolism by referencing the collective unconscious and the beginning of language itself.

An influential pioneer of Urban Art with a singular artistic vision he has created idiosyncratic live painting performances at Galleries around the world including Spiral Hall Tokyo, Circulo de Bellas Artes Madrid and the ICA in London.


Time: 11:30am Sunday 19th November

Location: Box 3, 2nd Floor

Mark’s Profile: click here

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