Mark Wigan – Chester Arts Fair

Mark Wigan

Live Art Demonstration

This demonstration by Cestrian artist Mark Wigan Williams titled Social and Cultural Signposts will be characterised by a move to abstraction, employing playful, intriguing and free flowing mark making.

The artist integrates weightless schematic figures, totemic forms and biomorphic images to create a kaleidoscopic interplay.

Through the manipulation of lines, mass and space this demonstration will explore the relationship between mark making, dance and music. The artwork ignites a primal resonance for the viewer, evoking a magical symbolism by referencing the collective unconscious and the beginning of language itself.

An influential pioneer of Urban Art with a singular artistic vision he has created idiosyncratic live painting performances at Galleries around the world including Spiral Hall Tokyo, Circulo de Bellas Artes Madrid and the ICA in London.


Mark’s Profile: click here

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