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Chester Arts Fair Christine Pike Ceramics

Myths & Folk Tales for Contemporary Audiences

This November, Norfolk based ceramicist Christine Pike will join Chester Arts Fair accompanied by Freya, Magda and Sedna, just a few of her creations inspired by ideas and reflections upon the nature of childhood, play and half-remembered folk tales.

A professional, self-taught sculptor in clay for many years, Christine received her MA in Contemporary Art Curation from Norwich University of the Arts, going on to work as a soft sculpture artist for almost two decades. It was during this time Christine undertook various design commissions for several toy manufacturers in the UK and USA, including two plush mascots for Harley Davidson.

Christine’s work, unlike anything else on exhibit at Chester Arts Fair this year, portrays a distinctive voice, developed through many years’ work and research into myth and folklore. She says “I am not trying to copy what has gone before, but to re-imagine mythic ‘truths’ for a contemporary audience. I want people to smile and to feel that my work has reconnected them with their own wild spirit within.”

The Hare, a reoccurring and favourite subject, is just one of the works influenced by myth and folklore, sitting among other animals and human figures in Christine’s collection made from clay. Appealing to both men and women equally, the collections speak to the untamed spirit in all of us, attempting to express a little of the fierce beauty and strength that is within all living things.

The figures, Christine describes all tell a story. Sometimes light-hearted, sometimes unsettling or melancholy, the aim is to capture character and a suggestion of private thoughts. Sometimes the figures disguise themselves as animals, occasionally caught in the act of transformation; half human, half beast.

The frame or mount is integral to the presentation of the finished piece. Where possible, reclaimed British hardwoods such as oak, ash and beech are used, drawing attention to natural occurrences such as grains, cracks and knots by gliding to enhance and draw attention to the rustic features.

Christine’s work will be available to view and buy from Chester Arts Fair from 17-19 November at Chester Racecourse. The Fair will open for the Preview Evening on Friday 17th from 6pm onwards, then open between 1030 to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. To book tickets online click here.

For further information about visiting, please call 01244 952020 or email

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