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Chester Art Centre (Anastasia Tilston)

Chester Art Centre (Anastasia Tilston)

Art Photography and Jewellery Design

Moscow Art Photographer Anastasia Tilston now based in Chester shares her passion for art and spirituality with everyone by bringing her vision to light; she believes that one can find artistry in anything and anyone if one is willing to look for it.

Anastasia’s work reflects her own dreams, feelings and the Japanese Wabi-Sabi philosophy.  She captures the often fleeting essence of the beauty and tranquillity that can be found in the world and objects around us. She truly enjoys being able to seize the ebbs and  flows  of life, world vibrations, and human emotion with her camera – Anastasia’s desire to share those magical moments with others is the fundamental purpose of her art.

Anastasia’s inspirations come from long country and city walks, rusty bars and fences, winter fogs, art exhibitions, quality conversations, music, literature and sea breezes.  All of this leads to pieces that emerge as a black and white blend of curves, silky shadows, silver angles, and at times unexpected splashes of bright colours.

Whilst acting as Art Curator for Chester Art Centre, Anastasia continues to develop her creativity alongside her art photography by also designing and making jewellery, teaching creativity classes, and jewellery making.  Anastasia is a regular exhibitor in galleries and at exhibitions.  She is also a regular contributor writing articles for Estate & Manor Magazine (which she co-founded).   Anastasia travels extensively throughout Europe finding inspiration from her adventures and all the interesting and inspiring people she meets; of course her camera is never far out of reach for those moments that deserve to be preserved and enjoyed by all.




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September 21, 2017


Photography, A - D, Jewellery

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