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Ann-Helen English

Ann-Helen English

Art and Nature are constant and interchangeable source materials in her work and practice. Observing how we relate and interrelate with nature and how this feeds back into our lives on all levels – emotionally, intellectually, physically – continues to fascinate me and actively feeds into my work.

Her interest in Art led to studying Art History at Uppsala University in Sweden. This was followed by a B.A.Hons at Reading University in the UK studying Art History , Philosophy and Fine Art; focusing on Fine Art.

After much travelling ( India ,China,Thailand,Tibet, Japan, Mexico, Europe etc) and juggling teaching, own work and other commitments, Ann-Helen recently partly returned to her Scandinavian roots. I now divide my time between a small island in the Baltic and London

The contrast between Island life and London could hardly be greater, it reminds her of the “Chiaroscuro” ( the strong tonal contrast between light and dark) life one leads in the north of Sweden where she grew up. Life there is lived in near total darkness during the winter months and the complete opposite with near 24 hour daylight in summer -all the while immersed in a vast wild landscape. Which, of course, leads back to Art and Nature being a constant and interchangeable source.




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May 23, 2018


Painting, A - D, Printmaking

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