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Art by Mandy UK

Art by Mandy UK

Art by Mandy UK – artist in the Derbyshire Countryside.  

A self-taught artist since a little girl, a gift that was given to her it has been a life long journey of art always creative, always learning and would be up into the early hours of the night drawing and painting. A dreamer in the world of reality, always on the journey of art.

Award Winning Artist Mandy’s art covers a wide range of subject inspired by life, light and the ever-changing elements displayed passionately in her paintings.Just loving Art. Creates Iconic Faces & Places, Thoughts, Memories & Natures Wonders.

“I constantly think about art in so many forms. Art is my memory & thoughts my heart & soul. I was born an artist I don’t want to escape from that”

Art is a continuous lesson in life itself it evolves constantly taking her thoughts & memories & the changing elements with it.


Her iconic ethereal Portraits capture emotion the artist is on a journey of discovery. Her portraits capture their soul & essence. Mandy has always had an interest in icons and their lifestyles and everything that glitters. Her iconic portraits are Rockstars & Movie Stars.

Inspired by many of the Great Master artists’ Austrian artist Gustav Klimt the Realism of the Renaissance. Mandy has always had a fascination with the sheen of metallics such as Gold’s & Silvers and uses these genuine elements in her work.

The artist also inspired by the 60’s Pop Art Culture particularly that of Andy Warhol and has developed her own style and work such as “The Great British Mini” Featured by Saatchiartonline Pop Art Collection.


Her Iconic Landscapes and Seascapes are Dreamy Impressions.

Mandy is fascinated with the changing elements of light throughout the day how the light changes falls on a tree or a building. She loves beautiful iconic buildings and landscapes their beauty and their history.

Her style of landscapes have been inspired by masters such as Money, Turner and Van Gogh, Hockney. Her paintings have been described by the viewer as beautifully ethereal.

Mandy’s work has been featured regularly since starting as a professional artist such as Derbyshire’s well known award winning art magazine publication Artsbeat. Features online also include The Palette Pages, The Cult House & The New Fat Design agency, The Happy Idiot Blog. 



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June 9, 2017


Painting, A - D

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