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Cassia Liu

Cassia Liu


Cassia Liu is a visual artist from Hong Kong who creates dots in paintings, drawings, videos and installations. Cassia graduated in Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Fashion Design. She was hugely inspired by her final fashion collection in university, “The Better Dot”, which made her starts drawing dots.

In her eyes, dots are perfection, happiness and hopes. “When I think of dots, I have a lot of imagination which I want to fulfil. Dots inspire me and make me happy.” she said. What she always wants to do is spread happiness to everyone and everywhere, by herself and her dots.

In 2012, Cassia held her first individual drawing exhibition, “The Dots Create”, in Hong Kong. Since that she has been invited to different joint artists exhibitions and media coverage. In 2014, she decided to move to London and studied contemporary arts in Central Saint Martin. In 2017, Cassia had her first individual painting exhibition in London, “Connecting The Dots”. Cassia is still based in London. Her story has been published by Hong Kong TV channel, TVB.



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June 13, 2017


Painting, A - D

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