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Catherine Taylor Parry

Catherine Taylor Parry

I work in rural Wales living with my husband and daughter,  I work surrounded by my atmospheric paintings. My work is a personal response to landscapes, a fleeting moment captured from a passing glimpse of the ice-covered mountain, the flash of an orange soaked sky or the silence and stillness of shining sand and mist covered water.

I use texture and colour to create images full of atmosphere and memory. I use acrylics on canvas, as I love its qualities of manipulation, flexibility, and colour. I have been painting since leaving university with a BA (hons) Fine Art. My creative life is who I am. It sustains me and makes me feel whole.

My access to the countryside is now limited due to MS, so I am inspired by distant views and my work suggests landscape. I love using colour and enjoy letting the paint create the image. I am excited by using colours both subdued and strong, but I am happiest using layers of colour and texture to create the images I want. I also create 3D work using parts from a wheelchair, walking sticks and lights.





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April 10, 2018


Landscape, Abstract, Painting, A - D

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