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Chester Art Centre (Bryn Sutcliffe)

Chester Art Centre (Bryn Sutcliffe)

Crewe artist Bryn Sutcliffe gained a Fine Art degree from Staffordshire University in 2012.  His pieces are regularly to be found in galleries, and exhibitions.  Bryn accepts commissions and has recently begun teaching Still Life and Painting with Acrylics art classes.  He is currently the Artist in Residence at Chester Art Centre.

For Bryn, creating art is more than a hobby or a job; it is a vocation, a way of life.  Specialising in figurative work, Bryn primarily classes himself as ‘A painter who prefers to remain free to create, regardless of success or critical acclaim.’

Bryn has an extensive portfolio of work which feature challenging esoteric paintings as seen in his 2016 ‘Disturbia’ exhibition and his upcoming exhibition 2018 ‘Insidious’    Bryn cites Norwegian photographer Andreas Swain images of abandoned buildings  as the inspiration for his work .  ‘The photographs provide me with the ammunition of a wonderfully thought-provoking platform to start from, this frees me to concentrate on imposing my conceptions upon the compositions and allows me to really begin experimenting with paint, colour and mixable mediums, which are added to the paint, thus creating different textures and effects, such as a corrosive appearance.  The intention in this art is to line up both the deterioration of the subject matter and the effects of my experimental processes in my paintings.’

In addition, Bryn also specialises in Still Life.  Bryn produces contemporary and emotive views of the beauty of the male and female body.  ‘I’d like to think I am yet to create my best and most meaningful works…I will have had a period of time to think about what I want my work to say, and make it count.  I have recently realised just how fragile time really is…I find it hard to write what I think people need to know about me as an artist.  I am just another soul attempting to make sense of being here…  What I see in my work is mainly only the mistakes, the message behind the work might be very elaborate or simplistic and what you see might be so far from what I intended I could have never dreamt it.  To quote an incredibly interesting and bizarre interview with the novelist Harlan Ellison ‘don’t worry about it.’




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September 21, 2017


Painting, A - D

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