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Chester Art Centre (Mark Edmonds)

Chester Art Centre (Mark Edmonds)

Mark Edmonds is an established artist who channels his life’s experience and knowledge into creating work that highlights the issues he is passionate about. So far he has participated in numerous shows all over the UK and abroad.

The themes of Mark’s paintings are often premeditated and decided prior to the application of paint. Imagery will be conjured at the base layer in the form of various shapes and textures. Paint is subsequently applied in an expressive manner, using meditative techniques, some documented by those who practice ‘automatic drawing’. A combination of paint and varnish is then used to reveal the hidden esoteric patterns within.

“My portfolio tends to consist of mixed media paintings incorporating a heavy material element; by this, I mean textual elements, found objects and sometimes photography embedded into the surface. I use a variety of painting techniques depending on the context and theme of the painting. I incorporate elements from differing historical art movements; the idea behind this is to embrace absolute freedom in painting and not limiting oneself to a particular genre or medium.”

“The themes in my work relate to mass production, in that, I often use manufactured canvases and industrial paints. I am currently working on a project where I ‘reclaim’ mass produced commercial prints’ turning them into individual works of art by painting over them but keeping the ‘original’ design. To me this is a reply to the ‘throw-away’ nature of modern western society, by ‘reclaiming’ a mass produced article and presenting it as an object of value. I’m trying to question the acceptance of artworks within differing strata’s of society. Who values what and why?”

The Psychological and spiritual elements in Mark’s work are currently being intensified in his latest project: ‘The Absurdity of Sex and the Unconscious Mind’. In which Mark is attempting to draw into question the deep-rooted seat of human attraction related to the needs of the contemporary world.




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September 21, 2017


Painting, A - D

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