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Clayton-Gray (Stuart Gray)

Clayton-Gray (Stuart Gray)

I was born in Nelson Lancashire, a town which at that time could have been the inspiration for Blakes ‘ Dark satanic mills’. I trained successfully as a technical illustrator at Blackpool School of Art in the late 60’s and subsequently worked in a number of studio positions and lecturing posts before retiring in 2014. Throughout all this time I indulged my passion for drawing both as a very personal way of keeping a diary and a visual method of recording information, usually of journeys I have made. Only recently have I found that the combination of computer technology and traditional drawing methods will allow me to exhibit selected images from my personal sketchbooks in the public viewing domain. The wealth of imagery I have collected over the years now stares back at me, challenging me to take these pictures from closed books and share them, hopefully giving as much pleasure to those seeing them as they did to me when I first committed them to paper.



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August 21, 2017


Painting, A - D

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