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Elena Keenan

Elena Keenan

Elena Keenan was born in Russia but has been living in England for the last 20 years. She has always been involved in making art and drawing. Elena is a highly visual and intuitive artist, seeing shapes everywhere trying to snap them down on paper.

In the last few years Elena finally took the plunge to follow her dream, completing a foundation course in Art and design. Graduating with a distinction, Elena then went on to study Drawing and applied Art at Bristol University.

Presented paintings is not Elena’s usual style. More recently she has been using black and white colours in her work using charcoal, ink, printing and graphite. When she was working on her late project she realized that she has to use different mediums to be able to express her ideas, feelings and thoughts of different realities, dimensions or other worlds, realizing that using her usual style would not express her view properly. So these paintings are very new and experimental but she feels that she managed to achieve her goal and present her view on different matters.

She has been showing her work at small venues but Chester Arts Fair will be her first big exhibition. In her work her main purpose is to express the deepest feelings and thoughts and make sense of the world as she sees it. She creates her art because she simply can not imagine her life with out being able to create.

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July 20, 2017


Painting, E - H

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