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Frances Ackland Snow

Frances Ackland Snow


Producing artwork is an integral part of maintaining my wellbeing and self-expression. The act of putting paint onto the surface, combined with playing music that has stirred my soul, has made painting a meditative and healing experience. I paint from my core and put passion and power into my work through vigorous brushwork, use of multilayered and textured paints and a rich colour palette. I use anything from traditional oils to spray paint to enamels. Music is a necessity whilst I paint and helps me to get into the creative flow. 

My landscape paintings are forged from my memories of the sublime and the ever-changing elements, particularly the turbulent British skies. I endeavour to preserve those transient moments that make you gasp, through my application of paint and colour. I love to walk in the English landscape and to celebrate its beauty in all weathers. I show how the atmosphere changes in the fog, in different lights, and with the passing seasons. I’m inspired by the artists of the Romantic period, such as J.M.W. Turner, Caspar David Friedrich, and the Pre-Raphaelites.

I paint the emotions and memories I feel and the most important thing is that my works have integrity and that anyone can get lost in the landscape and create their own journey in the painting. I am intrigued by the pathetic fallacy of our surroundings and how it reflects our internal world.




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June 25, 2018


Landscape, Painting, E - H

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