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Hazel Griffiths-Jones

Hazel Griffiths-Jones

I studied art at school with some great art teachers but that seems a lifetime ago. After that I’ve been self-taught, still learning something new every day. After a long career in mental health, my focus has shifted but I still want my paintings to have a positive influence on our mental health. Some things will never change.

I have been producing art whenever I can, but that had been a squeeze when working long hours as a Psychologist in a busy family life. But now I have been able to follow my dream and paint, create, write and paint again. After exhibiting and selling on Anglesey where I spend much of my time, this branched out to the new art fair at Abbeywood in Delamere. I’m now also undertaking both private and corporate commissions.

I hope my paintings inspire, please or magically transport us to a ‘ feel good place’. I want art lovers to feel the wetness of the water, the warmth of the sun, the movement of the waves, whatever I’m aiming to convey through colour, light, and subject. My work reflects my joy of the Anglesey coastline, distant travels and the culturally rich history around me. Painting is a joy and a challenge, and in 2017, a commission to produce a “ quirky” tribute to Chester for Rosebridge in Chester city, provide a new challenge and an opportunity to grow as an artist. This led to a new love of painting horses,   with the painting of ‘Deva Leader’ and the race through the city itself. Hail to fresh challenges! This was a particularly large painting (5 feet wide) but an absolute game changer for me in terms of delving into the equine world. I’ve recently launched my website: Blueshoresart.com So my next challenge is..?


W: www.blueshoresart.com

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September 5, 2018


Painting, E - H

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