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Jonathan Doner

Jonathan Doner

My works are abstract, limited edition, digital giclée prints on fine art paper. Their creation combines aspects of traditional painting and sculpting along with the sensibilities of the potter and the printmaker. Two forces, however, both inherent in the digital medium, are at the true heart of the process. A divergent force derives from the medium’s plasticity. A convergent force stems from the fact that a series of images possesses an inherent trajectory determined by its form and palette. This trajectory constrains the image’s evolution, but also reveals new creative possibilities. Consequently, multiple paths of relationship emerge between the art and the observer. These direct the observer, not toward a single meaning, but toward an interactive flow, a language, of aesthetic, symbolic, and conceptual relations.

In my other life, I am a theoretical psychologist. It is a very analytical, left-hemisphere process—each paper taking weeks, or months, to develop. Without consciously making it so, I have realized that I do just the opposite in my artwork. I called my first show “Primary Processes” because creating a work of art is a very primal, unconscious process. It is never goal-oriented, other than the constant, over-arching effort to create something beautiful. Sometimes I am successful.




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October 2, 2017


Painting, I - L

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