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Julie Wigg

Julie Wigg

Lying on the edge of abstraction, my paintings embrace the idea of the natural environment and landscape. Reflecting the real and the imagined, the ideal, experience and memory of an ever-changing environment, tempered by constantly shifting dramas of light and movement. A personal translation and process driven I hope to challenge excepted perceptions of what is seen and experienced. They are a complete meditative process that reflects the pure joy of painting and of just ‘being’.

Abstraction within a painting allows greater potential for individual expression, an abstracted image has been expressed, an aesthetic experience. Using a wide range of implements to apply medium, from linen and brushes, to my hands, I work quickly across the picture plane, constantly changing distance from painting up close to using long-handled brushes and the increased fluidity of paint ensures the accidental, I enjoy the physicality of painting and become lost within each piece. Each painting consists of the many surface layers, overlapping, emulating the delicate fabric of the natural world. Earlier work often lies hidden beneath the one seen, their presence is gradually uncovered by the sanding of the surface, revealing trace elements and maps the journey taken. Influenced by mid 19th-century painters and the abstract expressionists they are experimentations in colour, paint movement, spontaneity and the element of chance.



E:   info@juliewiggartist.co.uk

W:  www.juliewiggartist.co.uk

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April 26, 2018


Abstract, Painting, I - L

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