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Kimberly Chard

Kimberly Chard

Kimberly Chard is a Fine artist from Wales. Kimberly Graduated from a BA Fine Arts Degree with honours in UWIC in 2006 and since then has had experience curating exhibitions, including some for charity, taught art work shops to children and exhibited around the UK, including an exhibition in China.

Kimberly had to take time out from exhibiting between 2011-15 due to ongoing health problems with Cystic Fibrosis resulting in a life saving double lung transplant in December 2015.

She firmly believes she wouldn’t be here today without someone deciding to give the gift of life in their passing and becoming an organ donor and feels her journey is an example of how it can not only save lives but also can give back dreams and aspirations that were stolen away.

This shows in her work no matter how obscure, as Kimberly sees her art as her therapy. Being stuck in hospital or unwell at home has meant Kimberly has had to adapt how she works after training as a Printmaker in university.

Her drawings are done on paper and very intricate due to lack of space to work with. They became small and thought out, yet always working with pen and Indian ink for the challenge. Her images evolve as the drawing progresses, she may start out with a general idea but pen is final and the experience during drawing can take her in new directions.

Kimberly has always been interested in including images within images and patterns. The hidden images inside the main drawing relate to the theme.

Often a drawing can help Kimberly deal with medical issues, birds symbolise the freedom that has been strived for after years in and out of hospital, they tend to be hidden within images.

Being stuck to so many tubes, feeding tube, oxygen, ventilator, iv drips and a wheelchair, kimberly has related these to external mechanisms within drawings and help to remind her of the beauty within despite the outward changes. Mechanisms often merge within the drawings and can be lost within the figure.

Often the drawings are bold yet intricate, the more you look the more you see and appreciate as with life.

With kimberly’s journey she has learnt to appreciate all the small things in life and hopes this shows in her art. 




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July 28, 2017


Illustration, I - L

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