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Kirsten Todd

Kirsten Todd

Kirsten has always had a paintbrush or a pen in her hand from being a small child and always knew that she wanted to be an artist. Her earliest influence and her inspiration for her love of art and painting, was her uncle John, an artist himself, she used to sit and draw in his studio while he worked. As a teenager, Kirsten explored lots of different mediums including textiles and screen printing, but she found that oils and acrylics were her preference.

Kirsten had to choose between fine art and graphic design for University and felt that graphic design offered better career opportunities. She graduated from Salisbury College of Art and for over 25 years she has had a career in graphic design. All the time she continued to paint and sell her art. Her art is her passion and her purpose and she hopes it brings a great deal of joy to the people that buy it.




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June 13, 2018


Portrait, I - L

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