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Lou Flood

Lou Flood

Flowers make everyone feel better and happier “…they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.” ― Luther Burbank.  I also like the idea of humanising flowers, the connection to the passage of time, of life and death and the impermanence of us all.

On a fundamental level I want to create beautiful artwork that is first and foremost aesthetically pleasing so people enjoy living with my work. I like to explore the notion of the still life as a traditional subject (aged), which through the use of a palette knife and simpler, cleaner, bolder marks, I create artworks with a more contemporary, youthful feel.  The theory is the flowers are in their prime, the beauty in the bloom – the unapologetic youth, which I think about when I dance with the glossing over of the finer details of the flowers, almost like we all eventually have to do a bit of ‘glossing’ over ourselves – the fading of life.

I work in acrylic and oil and I don’t use sketch books as I like to work my way through a piece on the canvas with the layers of paint adding to the overall texture and colour of the artwork.

I started painting about 18 months ago.  Two things spurred me on.  Firstly, my youngest child was settled into school and secondly, finding out later in life that my grandfather had been offered a place at the Royal Academy but was unable to take the offer up due to the war.  I remember him always making things for us when we were little, sadly none of which I have now, but I like the idea of leaving something behind for my children.


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July 25, 2017


Painting, I - L

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