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Mandy Cleveland

Mandy Cleveland

Old envelopes are interesting shapes, I have collected them from different people, bought them from numerous places, they are used and ripped and they tell a story, what they have carried may have been important, they are a relic of human communication yet a throw away object but they are genuinely unique as is each one of my drawings.

I endeavour to make intricate, hand drawn work; ephemeral pieces trying encapsulate some of the fleeting nature of life and a sense of time passing. Each illustration draws inspiration from many subjects of interest such as the natural world, human interaction, interiors and surface pattern.

Pairing an excessive amount of time and skill to a throw away object is really what it’s all about, it’s slightly absurd.  It’s at a stage where I have done a lot research to refine my craft, I’ve experimented and developed techniques with colour transfer, I draw every day I’m interested in line, particularly I like dark lines conveying depth, drawing birds, particularly black birds (black in colour)is appealing because of the depth of tone,  I may work on a particular drawing over a long period of time to get the darkest , iridescent tones, attempting to capture some of their static, beady eyed, playful energy in my work.





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July 24, 2017


Illustration, Paper Cuts, M - P

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