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Maria Helena

Maria Helena

I am a self-taught watercolour artist, having been introduced to the medium from a young age. I am represented by Andrew Henderson at the Elgin Gallery in Moray, Scotland. I create utopian interpretations of nature in watercolour. With time, I have grown fonder of wild places and wild creatures. Currently, I live in a heathery corner of Northern Scotland, and have a home on a tropical island in the Bahamas; both are bountiful in wildness.

I challenge myself to capture the drama and subtleties of beauty in nature; to make the watercolours dance with the subject on the paper creating a window into a dream world where the light is brighter, the shadows are darker, the colours are more vivid and beauty more pronounced. The responsive and buildable qualities of watercolour lend themselves perfectly to my intricate style of watercolour painting: I strive for controlled movement, confident brushwork and intense colour-work – resulting in isolated studies that are bright with joie de vivre. These are bold artworks for the confident owner.






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April 6, 2018


Watercolour, Painting, M - P

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