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Out of the fire – Steve Fleetwood.


I am fascinated by the contrast of cold and hot steel, how it’s hard enough in one state to cut and shape itself and yet malleable enough for me to tie in knots in the other. How the gentle caress of the torch can reveal a full rainbow of iridescent colours.   

I have been manipulating metal both hot and cold for over 30 years, teaching myself the magic of forming metal to fabricate the imaginings of my mind. This journey of discovery allows me to create sculptures in my spare time by transforming the scrap steel I produce in my daily work into bold figurative forms, interweaving my passion for fabrication and art. My inspiration comes mostly from the waste materials I use and the beauty and form in nature.  


Simon Fairless


My paintings are a representation of feelings and special places that have caught my imagination and stirred strong emotions inside me. Often they’re about the feeling of how beautiful the landscape around us is or an emotional response to people and popular culture. I am a self taught artist, my ideas and aesthetics spill into Landscapes, Popart and Abstract works. I have exhibited my work throughout the United Kingdom have been internationally published, and have many original works across the globe. Using images from contemporary life, I try to create works that glow with colour and life, without any pretentions to grandeur I create accessible art which makes me happy, and hopefully other people too.




My work focuses on the culture and hertiage well-known in Puerto Rico. I specifically focus on the masks known as “vejigantes,” folkloric characters used in ancient ceremonies and festivals. I recreate these ancient characters in a fun, contemporary outlook. This mask specifically is completely made of recycled cardboard and palm leaves. The one wearing the mask will open and close their mouth and the beak of the mask follows.


Carlos de Riaño Carril


Spanish Architectural works.


With my work I try to transmit mainly two concepts: density and complexity. For that, it helps me with different ways of composing and structuring the space through an architectural language dominated by the strict orthogonality of forms.


Gill Bustamante


I coined the phrase ‘Memory Impressionism’ because my artwork is often created by something seen having visited or walked somewhere – or even something I saw on a wildlife program. I then make a painting that captures my impression of that place along with the colours and the way I felt about it from memory.

My paintings often have slightly mystical elements within them. I try to instill energy and answers in them that I like to think will help bring good fortune to their buyers. I may have the body of a middle aged woman but I have the mind and imagination of an 8 year old and am delighted that I can indulge this inclination in my painting. I am not alone in my desire to find magic in the spaces, plants, trees and creatures of nature I think. I want the world to be beautiful and people to be happier. Art makes that happen – in all its forms.


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November 12, 2018


Landscape, Abstract, Painting, M - P, Multi Media

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