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Rob Cawley

Rob Cawley

In general, I’m an abstract painter allowing the figurative narrative to take prominence at present.  My painting is about finding the right way for me to convey the narrative of a subject, this, of course, is not always in the same way. I work with the subject developing the ideas that each painting throws-up and this eventually suggests the next direction.

After college (Chelsea School of Art) I carried on painting in a studio rented through the ‘Space’ initiative for a couple of years. Then in order to reliably finance my painting, I joined a business venture with my brother where I was able to commit one day a week to my painting. I ended up there longer than intended but, in 2008, we sold the business and I was able to paint full time again. My studio is a converted tractor shed on our smallholding just outside London.




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April 26, 2018


Painting, Q - T

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