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Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill

I am a watercolour artist living in Durham City, County Durham.  I paint with my friend and colleague, Jenny Ulyatt, at our shared studio in Durham city centre.  I am a fairly new artist and began experimenting with watercolour painting about three years ago when I developed chronic asthma.  I found that the focus created by painting was both healing and relaxing.  Having spent a significant period of time in poor health I now see a great deal of beauty in simple, every-day things and am inspired constantly by the life around me.

I am fascinated by the clarity, colours, fluidity and unexpected patterns that are so integral to watercolour painting.  I keep things loose and fresh to allow the watercolour paints to express themselves and create the painting for me.  I hope that my art brings as much joy to others as it has done to me.

I love painting with my children and with groups of friends.  I deliver watercolour workshops to adults and I teach watercolour painting to school children across the North of England.  I do demonstrations and take commissions, I also produce cards and prints from my images.




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October 9, 2017


Watercolour, Q - T

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