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Sheila Beech

Sheila Beech

The Forgotten Designers Collection

My Magic Art was created by Melissa Newman, to help celebrate and launch a ’60 year Art Collection’ of her mother’s work, Sheila Beech. It’s a family affair that aims to bring ‘The Forgotten Designers’ Collection to market starting with Sheila’s work.

Having lived in Canada, Germany, Greece and Malaysia, Sheila’s surroundings and experiences of different countries and cultures combined with ceramic painting techniques, can be seen in her many styles and genre. Now at 83 years young, she still manages to paint now and again with as much flair as future generations, yet the traditional and older techniques must not be forgotten and can be easily applied to today’s competitive art markets. 

Few artists can master completely different styles and techniques ranging from ink drawings to decorative plate designs, to Chinese brush paintings, designs with a Mucha and Art Deco presence, to traditional oils, watercolours, acrylics and more. Her most prolific art has centred on mastering Chinese brush paintings as a British Artist.  Her finest work can be seen of which many pieces are unpublished. Here you may find a modest yet contemporary snapshot of some of her work – many of our favourites of which are the result of a combination of a European and Oriental flair. 

Sheila mostly enjoys painting birds, which is her trademark and has embraced the use of CAD technology in her art in later years. Sheila’s artwork is also recognised by her married name, Sheila Schuetz.



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October 8, 2018


Watercolour, Painting, Q - T

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