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Stephanie Brunton

Stephanie Brunton

I live and work in the seaside town of Whitstable in Kent, England. I resigned from my post as an art teacher in 2010 to concentrate on making my own work.

Whitstable is a lively community of artists and the people and places are an inspiration to my work. My daughter is a performer and musician and is often the subject of my paintings. I have recently been examining the masks both literal and metaphorical, that people and especially performers, wear.

My recent interests explore the poignancy and fallibility of memory in paintings and other artworks. Seeking to temper sentimentalism and pathos I have attempted to construct fragments of a sometimes shared history from a mutated past. The results in some ways point at the essence of who we think we are. The past and the future only exist now and we experience this ‘now’ in a construct of time that is similarly distorted and malleable at the level of existence.




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July 25, 2018


Painting, Q - T

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