University of Chester – Francesca Hrabachko – Chester Arts Fair

University of Chester – Francesca Hrabachko

University of Chester – Francesca Hrabachko

My art explores the idea of expression, as I portray personal experiences by projecting my own emotion onto my work. The inspiration for this series derived from my passion for capturing the emotion that I felt during my time teaching in South Africa. This was an insightful and positive experience, which I wanted to express within my portraits. With forming each piece, I felt that I was reliving my experience and expressing that moment from my perspective. The method I chose to depict my portraits also allowed each piece to possess an element of spontaneity and chance. This was extremely important, as my intention was to portray the expression of mood rather than creating the most realistic depiction.




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November 15, 2017


Painting, E - H, U - Z

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