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University of Chester (Abigail Stevenson)

University of Chester (Abigail Stevenson)


Within these final canvases the true meaning is emotion. When creating these canvases, I felt every emotion due to the connection I had with my father and him not being here. I wanted to create something that was very personal to me and only me and my father, we always shared a love for art ever since I was young and even though he’s not here I believe that he is within every piece of art I create.

When looking at these series of three canvases I hope to give to the viewers something that art gives me; compassion and understanding. Although it’s an abstract piece, this allows the viewer to see whatever they want to see. If that be different shapes or to be captured by the dark areas and feel connected to the dark times that they have experienced themselves.

I also believe that the multiple of layers that I have created will also portray the multiple of challenges that I have had to overcome within my life so far without my father.

Overall, as long as the viewer can get some sort of emotion if that be sad, happy, confusion as this can still be exciting, out of these paintings I will be happy because my true aim in anything I do is to get people to connect with their feelings just like I did within creating these canvases.



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October 17, 2018


Cityscapes, Painting, I - L

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