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Vishal Joshi

Vishal Joshi

The discipline of drawing was brought to me at a very young age, watching my mother and elder brother set the benchmark for me. I was drawing fairly well from age seven and I maintained a steady development. At age 14, during my GCSE years, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and the time I spent in hospital was made easier when I had my sketchbook and pencil in hand. Drawing became my ‘escape’ and my ‘peace around the madness’.

I graduated from the University of Arts, London, in Fine Art: Painting. My true love for painting came from doing my foundation diploma where my chosen pathway was to understand the essence of the human form through portrait painting; the study of identity began here. My mark-making style developed at university, but I found my true personal style more recently, experimenting on my own. My expressive brush strokes are how I create contour and definition, the linen and the wash allow me to create depth and the absence of paint within my painting is an integral part of my work. The exposed material allows the viewer to see through the surface of paint as a way to convey looking beyond the image of someone’s physical embodiment. There are so many reasons for everything I do, I am an analytical person and I only do stuff for a reason.

My work is an exploration of identity. It questions society, labels and rules; humanity has a big influence on me. My paintings do sometimes deal with Gods, they are purely to embrace ‘humanness’, to encourage these cultural belief systems that we have put in place to make our lives feel ‘secure and safe’. If we are able to learn from the principles of the Gods in their stories,  we will create a bridge of humanity rather than the barrier of religion. Sometimes people become prisoners of the religions or groups that they were born into and to me, that seems likes a waste of so many truths. I strongly feel that many people’s meaning to life is created with heavy emotions due to history and culture and this energy can be felt from places and in people.






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July 2, 2018


Painting, U - Z

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