Walter Lindner – A Retrospective – Chester Arts Fair

Walter Lindner – A Retrospective

Walter Lindner – A Retrospective

Simon Hearnden unearthed the delightful, accomplished monotypes of the enigmatic Walter Lindner (1936-2007) at a street market in Berlin, in 2006. As a graphic designer himself, Simon recognized that Lindner was a true master of his ouvre. He had no hesitation in selling his Oxfordshire home to purchase the contents of the artist’s studio, after the artist passed away not long after they met. During 40 fruitful years Lindner had perfected his technique; creating monotypes after painting with oils on to glass plates, before making a one-off print from the plate. The print became the basis for his unique, hand-finished, sometimes elaborately embellished, original artworks.

After completing a degree at each of the Berlin Arts Universities in the 1950s, Lindner had become a senior graphic designer at Siemens Berlin advertising department, before embarking on a solo career alongside his illustrator wife, Maria. He completed 40 years of exhibiting at the well-regarded Frankfurt Art Fair in 2005 and sold well at exhibitions throughout Germany. However Lindner was an introvert and remained under the radar in terms of wider recognition, though highly regarded by his contemporaries.

During this tenth year since Lindner’s passing Simon in touring the UK, exhibiting a selection of the artist’s original monotypes, artist edition prints and limited edition releases.

Simon is a brother of art expert and former Antiques Roadshow and Cash in the Attic presenter Jonty Hearnden.



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July 12, 2017


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