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Yulia Lisle

Yulia Lisle

Art has had a monumental role throughout my life and my artistic career. Over the years of my work, I have had the opportunity to develop and discover my multidimensional style. As an artist, I have come to understand that to create a successful work I must go beyond the structure, composition, proportions and colour combinations. But rather connect directly to my painting and become one living whole, unified by my deepest emotions of harmony.

From all the art materials I could have used I have felt more closely to oils due to their ability to showcase my professional skills. But also my cherished palette knives which are the primary instrument of my work. It is the combined force of these two tools that are used to produce the definitive volume and dimensions of my work.

Eventually, through a gradual process of layering, I bring to life my composition, reflecting my inner most imagination. In time I can only hope to grow as an artist and dive deeper into the source of my inspiration by painting the flowers of my own garden.


E: y@yulialisle.com

W: www.yulialisle.com

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June 25, 2018


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