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Zaza Lewis

Zaza Lewis

Isabelle was born in Pau, in the shadow of the Pyrenees mountains in South West France. It was while growing up there that she got the nickname ‘Zaza’ which she works under today. Moving to England when she was 18 she was initially involved in community arts programmes and went on to study Graphic Design.

Zaza has always had a love of crafts and turned her hand to many, including drawing, painting, pottery, sculpture, applique, embroidery and even stained glass window making. Her mission was to use the traditional methods to produce contemporary pieces. For many years her main focus was creating images with applique and embroidery, however, she was not fully satisfied that it was the best way to realise the images in her head.

She started experimenting with card cutting – combining it with fabrics to create startling, beautiful and unique, high-contrast pieces. Nature and Architecture are influences, which feature prominently in her work.

The workflow for each piece generally consists of the following steps:

The initial image is sketched out on a card and is then cut out to produce the ‘first cut’. A variety of fabrics are then applied to the back of the card, adding colour and texture. Once happy, the original card cut is digitised and reproduced – this then becomes the new blank canvas for the limited run of iterations of the piece – usually 80 or 100. This allows Zaza to explore different fabrics and colour options, along with additional cutting, making every piece a unique part of the overall evolving work.




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July 9, 2018


Paper Cuts, U - Z

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