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Julia Borodina, Chester arts Fair 2017

Q&A With Julia Borodina

Inspired by the likes of William Turner, Valentin Korovin and Vladimir Stozharov, Fine Artist Julia Borodina began her career as an artist from a young age, taught bychester arts fair Julia Borodina - photo highly regarded professors at the Omsk University in Russia, going on to study her Masters in Fine Art in the UK. We caught up with Julia to find out more about her influences and inspiration.

Tell us Julia, where did it all begin?

I am a Fine Artist educated in Russia and Britain. As a child, I was mesmerised by an artist on plein-air painting an autumn scenery of an old Siberian Kremlin with the most beautiful colours of the sky and golden trees. That’s where is all began, so really, I’ve painting since childhood.

How does your chosen medium affect the final piece of work?

My favourite mediums are watercolour, oil and acrylic. I work in so called traditional way of seeing and painting. The boldness of colour blocks used and compositional shapes allow my paintings to capture the feel of the moment, that moment which make me enthralled and dazzled. In my work I am always searching for beauty. Whether I am painting an awe-inspiring view in Venice or overgrown nettles outside of my village, both of these subjects attract my interest in an even way.

Where do your inspirations stem from to create you artwork?

I greatly enjoy working outdoors as it provides opportunities to capture inspiration from the elements around me. David Woodford, a well celebrated Welsh artist, said in his ‘Elemental Associations’: ‘A place in the landscape is a place in the mind’. This is my motto that I paint by.  I feel free, feel belonging, I am part of the landscape when I paint. I am interested in creating ‘portraits’ of places. A portrait of a stone wall, of a small cottage or a path running through the valley are as dear to me as could be a portrait of a dear friend. The landscape takes control of me and makes the emotional response immediate.

What do you hope art buyers and collectors will take away from your artwork at Chester Arts Fair?

I believe that sharing my work with collectors and art enthusiasts makes it a further celebration of wild landscape. I am trying to capture a unique moment of life, which on its own is telling a story.

What artists have been your inspiration and helped you develop your style?

My inspiration comes from nature as well as such artists as William Turner, Kyffin Williams, and a number of Russian painters for example Valentin Korovin and Vladimir Stozharov. Their passion for colour, loose painting technique and an ability to capture the moment fascinate me over-and-over again.

Talk us through a day in Julia’s studio

The whole experience of the Plein-Air is an ideal working environment for me. I start from investigating the area on my bicycle, noting the places of interest and making quick sketches. Next step will be to come back to the selected spots and to produce a number of preliminary watercolour studies and additional photos if needed. After that the collected material matures and expands in the studio.

Where has your work been exhibited before?

I was first trained in Russia at the established West Siberian Fine Art School in Omsk from 1997 – 2001 and graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. In 2002 I graduated with distinctions in MA Painting from the University of Wolverhampton. Since then, I have exhibited my work at the Annual Exhibition of Royal Society of Watercolour Artists and an Annual Exhibition of Society of Women Artists at the Mall Galleries in London, Royal Society of Birmingham Artists and many other British Galleries. It is a pleasure to meet admirers of my work, this year a lady at the Royal Cambrian Academy show said my work was the highlight of the exhibition for her, that makes me smile, I love to hear things like that.


Julia’s work will be available to view and buy at Chester Arts Fair from 17-19 November. The Fair will open on Friday at 6pm with the Private View, welcoming Fair visitors to view all artworks available before opening throughout the weekend. Tickets can be purchased online before you arrive by clicking here.

Should you require more information, please do contact the CAF team on info@blackmango.co.uk or by calling 01244 952020.



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