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Live Talks

In 2016 Chester Arts Fair presented a number of live talks from our exhibiting Artists & Galleries seen below. Each talk, every bit as different from the next, allows the artist to express in depth their work; the processes and inspiration, and difficulties which might occur. Returning again for this 2017, our list of talks and presentations will include both artists and interior designers who will discuss how to purchase art and current trends in the commercial art world. The list for 2017 will be published soon.

In 2016 we saw ...


    Peter Aitchison Photography

Travel photographer Peter Aitchison will be holding a talk at the Fair on Saturday at 12:30. He will begin with how he got into photography, followed by the countries he has visited with it such as exploring the unearthed back streets of India to rural farms in Cuba. 

Peter will present a number of pictures he has taken, how they were taken and the difficulties faced, including those captured during his travels to India, Cuba, America and Europe. 



    Maria Dolan - Luxury Furniture Designer


Maria Dolan has been designing within the world of luxury interiors for over twenty years.  Her passion and depth for creating exceptional interiors inspired her to set up manufacturing workshops and later she become the founder of The Fabulous Chair Company.

Her stunning designs created an opportunity for her to consult for one of Britain’s leading furniture designer, Clive Christian, who then fuelled her passion to produce an ultimate timeless Curve furniture design.  Her principles remain the same to this day in that she will only produce handcrafted bespoke furniture of the highest quality…

Elisita Kemp

Join photographer Elisita Kemp on Sunday at 12:45 as she takes you into her Underwater World. Through beautiful imagery from far flung locations, she will talk you through what made her take the plunge. The secrets and challenges she faces capturing her beautiful photographs. From working with film to the simplicity of the digital age. Elisita will share her creative process from visualisation, capturing the image in pools and oceans around the globe, to the digital techniques she uses to achieve the finished artwork.


Karen Thurman Photography

Photographer and printer Karen Thurman has a secret to share... 

What happens when a sheet of film is transformed by the simple addition of lightness and dark?  Explore the secrets of the how the old masters of silver gelatin prints wove their magic. Using a mix of live demonstrations, videos and slides Karen will take you on a journey that will take you from blank sheet of film to finished black and white print. As well as showing you the tools used, Karen will also share the thought processes that go into creating and shaping photographic works of art. Karens talk will take place on Sunday at 11:30.





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